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Quarantine facility

We have two facilities: one is located in Troisdorf-Spich/NRW with a capacity for 1280 bovines the other is in Weißkeissel/Sachsen with space for 2040 bovines.

Custom´s clearance

The smooth and efficient operation of our exports depends strongly on the correct issuance of export documentation.


Veterinary dispatch

Each destination has its own veterinary disposition.

We guarantee that these dispositions are implemented according to given specifications. Quarantine time starts with the collection of the animals from the different associations.

Staging Point

We have two registered (EC 1255/97) staging points, one in Troisdorf-Spich / NRW with space for 400 cattle and 500 calves, the other one in Weisskeissel / Sachsen with space for 1.140 calves, 840 cattle, 570 pigs and 2.570 young pigs. 

Truck wash area

Spedition Hefter not only keeps its own trucks clean and polished, but also provides this service for others.



Spedition Hefter

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