Staging Point

We have two registered (EC 1255/97) staging points:


  • Troisdorf-Spich/NRW with space for 400 cattle and 500 calves


  • Weißkeissel/Sachsen with space for 1.140 calves, 840 cattle, 570 pigs and 2.570 young pigs.


These two points are listed under the approved check points.

Calves, cattle as well as pigs are accommodated in separated boxes. The animals are fed according to their breed, race and age with different types of feed. Electrolyte beverages for calves, fresh hay for bovines and special food for pigs are provided. Water is always available.

At our place, the animals can rest up before continuing their journey. Prior to departure, the official veterinarian checks their qualifications to travel.





Spedition Hefter

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